Designer jussi tarvainen
To go up you must go down
You're smart. You know your company needs profitable products and brand experiences your customer can fall in love with. And the customers you serve need products that align with their values, problems, wants and needs. And then there's the planet we live on. It needs a circular economy, less consumption and responsibly developed products. So when we tie together a good value proposition based on research and solidify it with testing and experimenting reducing risk and increasing certainty on product-market fit then we're moving towards those shared goals.

I gotto be honest with you. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I get to design great products and brand experiences. I love to design. To use a productized process that creates results consistently and leaves a thicker layer of fat under your bottom line.

If you want quality and simplicity, you must dig deep in the research to reach the depth of the people's minds you want to serve. By harnessing the power of a multidisciplinary team and co-creating, new innovations and stronger products emerge.

-Jussi Tarvainen