Florida man kills an alligator with a hunting knife to save his life

June 1, 2022

The green trucker cap sat deep shading his brown eyes from the blazing sun. Sweat dripped down from the man’s forehead as he prepared for the fight of his life.

The humidity in the swamp was nearing 90%. The Bass he’d caught earlier that afternoon, had been warming up on the edge of the dock for a good two hours. Fly’s had found their feast. 

From the corner of his eye, he spotted something moving in the water between the Mangrove trees and the Water Lillies.

Mike’s hand gripped tight around the foot-long Bowie knife’s handle turning his knuckles white.

Two years to the date he had welcomed the love of his life, his baby girl into this world. After that, the downhill started. His spouse died soon after the labor due to malpractice. A year of sleepless nights, trying to manage his job and take care of the newborn was starting to take its toll.

First, he lost his temper at work and yelled at the CEO causing him to get fired. Next came the landlord who took away the apartment. To make things worse he started falling asleep hugging the good old Jack Daniels instead of his daughter. Adding to the insult next up was the social worker taking away her baby because according to the judge  “he was unfit to be a parent”.

He’d then drifted aimlessly from one place to another ending up in the swamp cooking up moonshine for some shady folks.

Two eyes and a 15-feet long narrow carpet of scales snaked through the water towards the dock.

Every muscle in Mike’s body coiled up ready to strike his knife into the wild beast boring its way towards the fly-covered treat.

The animal launched from the water to steal the fish, but Mike was faster.

He leaped but tripped on an empty moonshine bottle, fell on his goddamn face and lost the grip on his ridiculously large hunting knife which went flying in the air.

He quickly got up cursing in his breath and saw the giant crocodile floating lifelessly in the water. The knife had landed square on the top of its head and killed the poor fellow.

Things are not always (never) as they seem. Stories are made by editing out the boring bits and stitching together the hair-raising parts like a damn Frankenstein.

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