How to run out of unluck and get luckyyy

May 13, 2022

In 1978, a neurologist by the name of Dr. James Austin wrote a book called Chase, Chance, and Creativity. The book reveals how the role of luck, serendipity, and chance play in the field of medical research. Dr. Austin argued that there are four different kinds of luck and three of them you can actually do something about.

Step #1: Get Lucky

This is the kind of luck that just happens. You can’t influence it. For example, finding a few coins on the street. You just happened to walk over Lady Luck. Congrats. 

1. Get lucky.
2. Enjoy it.
3. Don’t think you made it happen.

Easy peasy. Let’s move on.

Step #2: Create luck

Now the second kind of luck is something you can actually be an active participant in. At least itsy bitsy.

A good example is someone who’s hustling every day to bring value to others with their instructive LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, or thought-provoking Tweets.

“Keep on going and chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”
-Charles Kettering

1. Create a thing that other people find valuable.
2. Let everyone who it’s valuable for know about it and give part of it away for free.
3. Do it enough until you run out of unluck.
4. Someone through reciprocity (Robert Chialdini’s book Influence) rewards your efforts.

Step #3: Prepare for luck

This third kinda luck is leveraging the compound effect which over time and with marketing makes you luckier when you finally stumble upon the Lady of the fortune.

1. Study to gain knowledge.
2. Put your knowledge into practice to build skills that deliver value.
3. Be on the lookout for unique connections and opportunities in your fields of expertise.
4. When the opportunity comes your way don’t fumble, don’t hesitate, seize it.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
-Louis Pasteur

Step #4: Build a lucky character

This fourth kind of luck has to deal with your unique character. Your brand if you will. So you need to be really good at something like coding or sales or designing apps for example and on top of that you need to have built up your character that is unique and likable.

1. Figure out what are your values and live by them.
2. Figure out what makes you uniquely you – your quirks, hobbies, and personal traits.
3. Let everyone know about the problems you’ve solved and the results you got.
4. Congrats, luck is headed your way.

Now shoo, off you go create some more luck for yourself.

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