Jailbreak your dreams out of the prison of your past

November 13, 2022

“I’m a failure.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You know what.”

“Because you didn’t do well at school, you got put into the bad grammar class and even your math grades dropped in high school so you made a conclusion that you’ve failed?”

“Yeah, that pretty much covers it.”

“Having seen your future what if I told you you’d have a highly successful career as a pro athlete straight out of high school because you were so motivated to learn and improve? 

And what if I told you that fire led you to write a book in your second language, a very successful career in design, and at the age of forty you felt like you’d only gotten started?

“Well, it’s easy for you to say that. You’ve seen it.”

“That’s true; in hindsight, it’s easy to say that. Can I give you some advice?”


“Don’t let school, society, your friends, parents, or anyone else make you think that you can’t get better and learn new things. 

You got way more time than you think. 

Learning doesn’t stop after school and it’s certainly not the only place you learn. It’s just the beginning. 

So don’t let the trauma of your past throw your future in the brig. You got to jailbreak your dreams if they ever get hijacked by your fears. You hear me.”

“I hear you.”

A black and white photo of the author Jussi's smiling face with shortcut hair and a short beardJussi Tarvainen

Former pro snowboarder. Author at night. Multi(failed)-entrepreneur. And mostly an awesome designer (said, my five-year-old son).

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