Life is not fair and that’s a blessing

May 24, 2022

Imagine an hour in the grocery store with a whining 5-year-old feral animal. “Daddy I’m hungry. Daddy can I have a toy car. Daddy, I want candy. Daddy, I’m not moving until I get what I want.”

One hand dragging my kid, the other hand pushing the card, the third one throwing groceries in the cart, and the fourth, wait I don’t have this many hands.

The thermostat in my brain rose towards the boiling point, alarm systems blaring and grey thick smoke puffing out of my ears. 

This is typical for the parentimals of our species. You’ll see these hunter-gatherers dragging their howling younglings behind while grouping for berries and other nutrients the box forest has to offer.

Once this operation was done and squirrel skins were traded at the checkout, I made my way (cub in tow) to our horse-pulled wagon. I harnessed our catch to the side of the wagon and belted the still spitting and kicking offspring to the chair. 

Mission accomplished. 


Just as I was about to sit on my side of the carriage and grab the reins, another wagon came screeching in and parked just next to us. But he didn’t park his spoked wheels with not just two but four stunning stallions all nice and parallel, but at an angle, leaving very little breathing room for us to get out. 

And this wasn’t all. 

This jerk had just parked in the parking area closest to the store dedicated to families (so these little geniuses wouldn’t get run over while they dash out in the parking lot). Next, he steps down from his wagon while I’m shooting tomahawks at his heart and then realizes he forgot his parking meter and climbs back on his cart.

I lose it. Black smoke and maybe some flames are now billowing, no shooting out of my ears and nose.

I tell him in the most impolite way to move his meat cart and get the hell out of my way. 

I hate ignorance and injustice. 

A week goes by and with the same offspring in tow, we’re now about to go hunting in another box forest. We park our wagon. Get out. Do our foraging and return to our horse carriage. 

Just to find out that some dick slinging asshole has left OUR parked wagon in a forty-five-degree angle blocking another parking spot.

I don’t know what the lesson here is. 

Life is not fair. They make mistakes, I make mistakes, you make mistakes. Our job is to be fair to others but not expect that in return.

We all got our shit to deal with.

Judge people less, be nice and be less jerk, more of the time and learn whenever you can. 

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