What if last night was your last night?

June 1, 2022

Dear Daddy,

Last night I saw you take your last breath surrounded by the people you loved and cared for.

You taught me how to talk. Talk in a way people listen. Listen in a way that gets people talking. Ask the kind of questions that make people think. And think in a way that opens minds, hearts and bandaids. 

You showed me how you can’t reach your dreams unless you are naive. How to hack failures and turn them into opportunities in disguise. 

I loved the stories you told that helped me inch over the heartbreaks and growing pains. How you first have to find your mind. How struggle and frustration prevail progress. And why loving the process creates progress.

You showed me how to navigate even when the night sky was pitch black and there was no North Star in sight. How you can make progress with goals or without them. How to move forward even when you don’t know where to go. 

And when I was lost, you stood by my side. You let me find my own way. You didn’t push me. You gave me just enough of a nudge to get me going, so I could find my way.

When I was feeling down you showed me why it’s okay. How every single feeling is okay. How to acknowledge and accept the bad ones and appreciate the good ones. How to talk to myself like I’d talk to my best friends. How to be compassionate, kind and forgiving and loving towards myself.

You know how you always told me how much you loved me and didn’t let me go to school without a kiss and a hug? Sure, there were times I hated it. But it meant so much to me.

Thanks for everything pops.

-Your son XXX

Now it’s your turn. Write the letter your child would write to you after your passing telling of all the good things you left behind.

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