World-class (suck on it google) office experience
World's best games are built by teams of hyper-performing professionals. And just like pro athletes have their team of experts at their back they also get to perform in a high-level environment.
Brand identity / strategy / Tone of voice / web design
Becoming an emperox is not an easy task
If you’re a start-up there’s one thing you can’t do and that’s pussyfoot around. You got to stake your claim and make bold moves to take down the king.
Brand identity / strategy / Tone of voice / web design
SRV x Asumi
High living & urban happiness
When your apartment is above a shopping mall and metro station everything is at your fingertips. As long as you have an app that delivers practically everything to your doorstep.
Brand identity / strategy / SERVICE DESIGN / UX/UI DESIGN
Futurice x Meltlake
Get a solid footing for your launch
Starting up is a game of probabilities, timing and having the right team. And you need all the lady luck you can get. That's why Meltlake chose to do their brand identity right from the get go.
Check it
Brand identity / web design
Mama's got moves
Market opportunities come and go. Corona presented a great learning platform to start a new business and explore how to seize the moment or fail like a champ. Mothers were in desperate need of exercise when the gyms closed and we answered that call. Or so we thought.
Brand identity / strategy / Tone of voice / web design / UX / Screenwriting